Are you ready to BREAK YOUR CYCLE in life? Ask yourself...What's holding me back from reaching my ideal weight? Why do I always crave sugar?  Why haven't I reached my desired fitness level? Why do I have no energy? Is this the direction I want my life to go?

Welcome to HEALTHE INTENTIONS...the quality of our lives begins with our intentions.  We must honor the role of intention in everything we do and everything we are.  Tap into your true power and set energizing, compelling intentions for your health and well-being each day.  Reawaken your true authentic self to live a life in balance - a life full of health and happiness.  It's time to nourish your mind, body & soul, focus and reconnect with YOU.

We're distinct and diverse as individuals...why should your wellness program be any different?

At HEALTHE INTENTIONS, we're distinctly different too. Our programming offers a unique fusion of healing with whole foods, detoxification and cleansing, understanding of major dietary theories, including the science behind dietetics and nutrition, as well as clinical psychology and use of practical lifestyle coaching methods.  With that we bring energy, inspiration, non-judgement (believe us...we've heard just about everything), wisdom and support.

Are you ready for a greener cleaner you? Our JUICERA in-home juice cleanse program is one of the healthiest, most natural and safest ways to remove waste and toxins from the body. Happy side effects include increased energy, mental clarity, weight management, better digestion and immune function, increased sex drive and fertility, looking and feeling amazing...and more.   

To jumpstart YOUR healthy lifestyle and maintain quality health and well-being, we recommend one of our JUICERA cleanse programs. Looking to take back control of your health & get real happy while minimizing inflammation that leads to disease and aging then a JUICERA program is waiting for you!

When was the last time YOU were the priority and talked with someone about your goals? 

It's rare to receive undivided attention with trained professionals to work on nutrition and lifestyle goals today.  We have a knowledgeable and talented group of Health & Wellness Coaches. Together you will co-create and focus on your personal growth in a flexible, fun, supportive environment that will inspire and challenge you to reach your goals.  With your Health & Wellness Coach you will explore areas of your life that are out of balance, discover the habits keeping you off course and break through the cycle of fears that are holding you back.  Our step-by-step coaching will bring clarity and wisdom to all areas of your life...empowering you to intentionally live a healthier and happier life.